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Pay-per-click is an ingenious form of advertising and promoting a website to get the best quality of traffic for your business in no time. This service allows advertisers to bid for ad placement in the browser’s sponsored links so that it is the first one to pop-up on the screen at the time when end-user searches a keyword that is connected to advertiser’s business offerings. Penkuin Digital Solutions & Services has got a brilliant team of PPC service provider who delivers the best results in the shortest time. We are the Best Pay-Per-Click Company in Qatar and we make sure to meet with all the needs of our customers in a prompt. Increase your daily leads through various Google ads, videos, campaigns and a lot more solutions. Being the Top PPC Company in Qatar, we make certain of helping our customers with their business websites and its proper marketing.

The Process of gain leads

Our process of generating leads for your business


The foremost step in the process is to campaign under which budget and bits are set according to the requirement of the advertiser which further includes the name of the campaign, targeting of location.


Targeting keywords is the most essential part of the search market. Under this process, we work on searching and placing of keywords. Since the search queries differentiate from user to user searches, we group these keywords into their related clusters.

Text Ads

This step consists of a headline, a URL display and some two lines of narration. The description exhibits at least one relevant keyword in the compelling message.

Ad group

An ad group is made under the campaign for running the Ad on Google. It holds a lot of essential stuff as mainly search engines see to the Ad Group organization to check if the keywords are responsive and what result do they process and later checks the destination they will take to after the click.


Penkuin is time bound service provider who delivers all the results within the promised period of time. We deliver the promised outcomes with unmatchable service and solutions.

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